We want you to clean a window with a water fed pole in 19 seconds


How it works

Learning how to clean windows spot-free. Most education is made up of learning theory, testing it with an exam and applying it with practical experience. Does practice make perfect ? No Way – if you have bad form, you practice bad form. Perfect Practice makes Perfect :  Learn the best-practice in theory first and then practice good form, to become perfect at your trade.


Test your knowledge.

Our new online exam software will present  you  24 multiple choice questions to check your understanding of WFP efficiency and safety. Minimum PASS mark  = 100%. Any one point not understood could result in a bad result on a customer’s home, leading to a bad experience for you, and a loss of confidence in your Water Fed Pole system.


Now apply what you know in the field.

This is the time to put into practice what you have learned  – how to clean windows faster and safer than using traditional methods. If you have never used a Water Fed Pole before and you own a business, please inquire our Test-Drive a Water Fed Pole Program atwww.futureofcleaning.com/test-drive.html. Otherwise, your practical experience will be with your own system, or your Company.


RESOURCES for further Education & Training.

Whilst we are committed to developing Teach-iT for advanced training, there is nothing better than a community to help you answer whatever questions you have in real time. We recommend our Water Fed Pole Talk Group in  Facebook and the WCR forum at: www.windowcleaningresource.com. Also if you have any un-answered Window Cleaning Questions check out the Window Cleaning Wiki.

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Start Your Training Now

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